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Heiniger, Abigail

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NAME: Dr. Abigail Heiniger

EMAIL: aheiniger@bluefield.edu  

MAJOR: English Literature, with an emphasis in Nineteenth-Century, Transatlanticism.




Soul Food

For any of my sisters who need some soul food, I was listening to the sermon "Mary's Song" by Highland Park Baptist Church this Sunday (because I slipped trying to get out my door). Here's the link: HPBC Sermons. We are dealing with a lot of brokenness and EVIL in this class - because discrimination is evil. This course makes me particularly aware of the historical powerlessness of WOMEN - we have (and often continue to) exist in the DOUBLY COLONIZED spaces of the world. This sermon spoke specifically to God using women in powerless places - DOUBLY COLONIZED women being instruments of God BECAUSE they recognize God's power in their own powerlessness. I thought it was AMAZING - just what I needed. If you are looking for some hope, listen!! It's also a free podcast on iTunes! :) :) :) 

Close Reading Paper


Blah blah!!



  Excellent  Satisfactory  Developing 
  • Analyze theme or idea from text.
  • Makes an argument through analysis. 
  • Topic sentence and body paragraph directly tied to thesis. 
  •  Relates to book.
  • Makes some point. 
  • Paragraphs loosely related to theme in thesis. 
  • Lack a thesis.
  • Does not organize paper. 
Close Reading (analysis) 
  • Analyzes SPECIFIC material from the text to support THESIS ARGUMENT. 
  • Makes observations (loosely based on text) related to idea in thesis. 
  • Summary 
  • Excellent 
  • Distracting mechanical errors. 




Annotated Bibliography

  1. List of 15-20 sources (scholarly or professional sources) for annotated bibliography. Due 2/16/16.
    1.   Sources should be published between 1980 and the present (2012). Bibliography MUST include 1-2 sources from the 1980s-1990s and 3-5 sources from 2010-2012.  
  2. One complete (sample) annotation. Due 2/18/16. 
  3. Revised research question. Due 2/23/16
  4. Rough draft of Annotated Bibliography for Rough Draft Workshop. Due 3/1/16.
    1.   Rough draft MUST include historical overview of topic related to research question. 
    2.  Final draft due to WIKI page AND Turnitin. Due 3/3/16.
    3.   For the final draft of the annotated bibliography and historical overview, students should compile a portfolio of all the assignments listed above.
    4.   The final annotated bibliography and topic history should build towards the final research project
      1. Each annotation should be 1 - 2 paragraphs. 
      2. Annotations should include SUMMARY and ASSESSMENT. 
      3.   Annotated bib should be SINGLE spaced.
      4.   Historical overview should be DOUBLE spaced (2 pages).
      5. Historical overview of the scholarship should reflect on the EVOLUTION of the topic (in scholarship/scholarly literature). 
      6. Historical overview should be at least TWO pages (and no more than three pages). 
      7. Historical overview should be written in standard paragraph form and it should utilize the conventions of STUDENT'S MLA FORMAT.   
      8. POINTS:  
        1. Annotated Bib with assessment and summary - 50 pts.
        2. Historical overview - 50 pts. 


Final Paper

  1. The Nineteenth Century in Print and Making of America Project: finding an artifact (relating to your final project). Due 3/15/16.
    1. Find and identify an artifact from online databases above.

    2. Find and identify three possible primary texts for your final paper (American literature written before 1865 that is not being studied in class)  

  2.  Doing a Close Reading Due 3/22/16.
    1. Select one passage from the text and do a close reading (3-5 paragraphs). The close reading should tie into the theme for the paper.   

  3.  Making Connections: texts and artifacts Due 3/24/16.
    1. Think about the course theme of race, sex, and citizenship. In 3-5 paragraphs, discuss how you see this theme developing in both your artifact and one of your primary texts 
  4.  Thesis and Outline 3/29/16
  5. Rough Draft 3/31/16
  6. Conferences 4/5-7/16
  7. Final Draft 4/12/16.


Extra Credit


Syllabi: https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/literature/21l-709-ethnic-literature-in-america-spring-2017/syllabus/ 

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