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Source for annotated literary texts.


Hero-Quester Myth 



MLA Style Guide


Practice with Grammar (and Diction)

Grammar Bytes - the best site for grammar and English language exercises that I have seen so far! 

Comma Chameleon is a great game for understanding punctuation in English. If you are having trouble with run-ons (or any punctuation issues), I may assign you this activity.

Diagramming Sentences is a great interactive tool for understanding English syntax (word-order) and subject/verb agreement.

Diagram It! also teaches you how to diagram a sentence (understand English word-order).





Drafting and Revising a Paper

Purdue Owl



Critical Thinking and Analysis


Visual Thinking and Analysis

Other Resources for formal analysis:



Online Writing Techniques


Online Posting


Online tools (for online writing)



Children's Literature Resources:



Articles about race and children's literature:






Smarthinking Student Handbook

Smarthinking_Student_Handbook (2).pdf


As the semester begins I wanted to inform you of our FREE online tutoring services.  This service is available to you 24/7I have included a Smarthinking Student Handbook andSmarthinking Video Tutorial Links for you in case you have any questions about navigating the site.  You can easily access this service by logging in your MyBC account and following the directions below:


1.      Login into your MyBC Account

2.      On the left hand side of the screen under “Quick Links” click on “ACE”

3.      On the left hand side of the screen click “FREE Online Tutoring”

4.      Under “Smarthinking” click on “Click here to connect to Smarthinking”

5.      A system check message may appear but you can scroll down and click on “Click here to continue”


If you have any questions about navigating the system, please refer to the attached Smarthinking Student Handbook.  This is also located on your MyBC account under “FREE Online Tutoring”.  




Bluefield College provides online tutoring in different subject areas for our online students through Smarthinking.   Smarthinking is an online tutoring service designed for students who are taking core academic courses.  A detailed list of subjects and topics covered can be found at under Services and Subjects/Subjects. 


Writing Center – 

Drop-In Tutoring

Scheduled Tutoring

Offline Questions

Academic Resources



Elements of Visual Thinking


Other online resources for visual media:


Online resources for visual artifacts:


This page contains all the miscellaneous materials you may need to navigate this Introduction to Fiction. 

Genre Information:


MLA Style Guide: Purdue OWL


Literary Terms: 


Literary Devices (how literature works)





These definitions are primarily derived from the text Literature


American Literature and History Resources:


Author Information:


Other Miscellaneous Information:

Quest Resources




Other Research Links:  




History Quick Sources




Why the Humanities Matter (from a Psychology standpoint):

Literary Fiction.docx


Other Online Lectures